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Becoming a member of First Baptist Church is a straightforward process.

1) Persons seeking church membership must have professed faith in Christ and have been baptized by immersion following their salvation. Individuals who have not been baptized by immersion following salvation must do so before becoming a member. Additionally, he or she must agree to the minimal statement of faith required for membership (click here or see the Our Beliefs tab).

Note: A person does not need to have a baptism from another Southern Baptist Church. The only requirement is that the baptism was by immersion after salvation and was performed as a means to identify with Christ, not as a means for salvation.

2) If a person has met the requirements listed above, he or she must merely express the desire to become a member to the pastor. This can occur during the invitation during the morning service (the preferred method), or may even be an informal request to the pastor outside the service. The pastor will then schedule a personal visit so that the prospective member will have an opportunity to share his/her testimony of salvation and subsequent baptism experience.

3) At the next business meeting following a confirmation that the individual has met the requirements for membership, the church will vote concerning that request. After the vote, a letter will be requested if the individual is coming based upon membership in another Baptist church. If the person was previously a member of another type of church, yet  still meets the requirements for membership, the person will become a member based on a statement of his faith and baptism. If the person was newly saved, she will become a member based upon her baptism as a new believer. Upon approval by the church the person will officially become a member.

4) A member has full privileges to vote on church business. Additionally, the person is eligible to participate as a key leader in the church subject to his or her agreement to the key leader statement of faith.
Becoming a Member