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Adults have freedom to choose between our two adult Sunday School study classes. In general the two classes reflect two major phases of the Christian life.  The first class attracts  Christians that have more extensive experience in the Christian life. The other class appeals to younger Christians that seek to explore the foundations of the Christian life. However, in practice both classes contain a diverse range of Christians. Both classes provide opportunities to not only grow in understanding of scripture, but also to build friendships and  relationships.
Youth Sunday School includes those students in grades 7-12. This class uses age appropriate material to increase the students’ biblical understanding and to develop their skills in applying these truths
Our graded children’s Sunday School is focused at teaching biblical truths in a loving and fun environment.

The Sunday School classes are preceded by a group time of singing fun Bible songs. The various children’s Sunday School classes include:
Nursery (age 0-2)
Pre-K and kindergarten
1st-3rd grade
4th-6th grade