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A passion for God
A heart for people
Sharing hope in Christ
Mexico 2005.

West Virginia 2008.

Canada 2009.

Idaho 2010.

Greensburg, KS 2007.

World Changers 2003.

Praise in the Park.

Lane Co Fair Ministry.


On a regular basis the church sends out its own missions teams. In recent years the church has sent teams to Greensburg, KS for disaster relief, to West Virginia distributing school supply backpacks and doing church construction, to Mexico conducting VBS and evangelistic services as well as doing church construction, to Canada and Idaho conducting VBS, basketball camps, and construction, and to World Changers community construction efforts in Montana and Missouri. Locally, it holds an annual Praise in the Park in Dighton and provides free ThirstNoMore water at the local county fair. First Baptist Church seeks to be creative and aware as it reaches out to others displaying the love of Christ and seeking to communicate the hope that is found in Him.
First Baptist Church places a high priority on missions. Using an Acts 1:8 model, it seeks to simultaneously reach out locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Systematically and intentionally, it endeavors to pray, to give, and to go that  people might see and hear the love of Christ and be drawn to Him. This is the mission Christ gave to the church.

Financially, the church gives to all phases of missions through the various cooperative program offerings as well as dedicating certain percentages of all general fund offerings to these efforts. Additionally, special offerings are given to strategic mission fforts.